SMAR7 Bundle Review

Nowadays, the internet is practically taking over many daily activities which may otherwise require having to get dressed and go outside of the house. One of these activities in particular, is online shopping.

With the help of several platforms, online marketers could simply establish their shop and sell anything they possibly could, and customers could practically do just about all the necessary transactions with just a few clicks of the button, all done with the help of the internet.

While being a lucrative business, and being extra easy by nature, some online marketers still end up struggling with regards to optimization of sales, as some of them have sites that simply do not have enough fresh traffic rushing in them, or sometimes, just can’t get people to buy as many products as possible.

To those who have this kind of problem going on, SMAR7 is here to the rescue. SMAR7 is Shopify’s first conversion optimized intuitive upsell app. If users are using shopify as a platform to establish their site, it has been proven overtime that upsells are easiest ways of increasing value of customers, without it, whatever business that is, it will practically die.  At present, Shopifydoes not have any good upsell apps, and the currently existing ones do not work well with upsell-oriented apps. Also, the currently existing softwaredoes not support mobile. SMAR7, on the other hand, is an app that works perfectly on all devices, browsers, and themes. If the list is focused on the online marketer, then this is the perfect app.

It’s been proven over time that upsells drastically increase customer values. Once they get the concept of spending money, once they buy that particular thing, there is a psychological trigger and they become more likely to spend, and once that“wall” that budget limitations and what a permanent mind set makes has been broken, the items then become easier to take out, and that is what the upsell app does.

This software bundle primarily works by greeting customers with popups when buying. At the point in which they are buying, they will be presented with discounts, and in the process increasing customer values, more of a return spent on advertising. Imagine this being done to 4,5,6, or more customers in a day.

Apart from this, the app also works well on mobile, with plenty of variations and customizable settings that can be used freely, and allows client’s customers to easily increase the value of every single visitor of their Shopify stores in a few quick clicks.


Key Features of SMAR7 Bundle:

Shopify’s First SMART App:

SMAR7 Bundle is a set of software that was designed to be the very FIRST SMART app on Shopify, and the SMAR7 technology ensures that any user can pick it up and create a bundle in a few minutes.

Increase Customer Value

Allows your customers to easily increase the value of every single visitor of their Shopify stores in a few quick clicks

Show Cart Related Items:

SMAR7 Bundle gives its usersthe option to show products that are only related to whatever items there are in the Customer’s cart. This smart feature simplifies selling & easily maximizes the overall upsell rate by maintaining congruency.

Product Triggered Upsells:

The brilliant minds behind the SMAR7 bundle totally understands that sometimes users only want to have upsells on certain product. This is not a problem at all, as users are given the freedom to set which products trigger upsells & which don’t. Practically, this app gives users total freedom to its users as to how to manage their sales.

Perfectly Mobile Optimized:

95% of online shopping nowadays, with the advent and continuous development of smartphones and other gadgets, is now done from mobile. The unfortunate this is, however, the top Upsell apps on Shopify don’t support mobile, and this puts the SMAR7 Bundle in a league of its own, as ithelps in ensuring that every single customer will receive the Upsell that is being offered, hence maximizing revenue.

Buying More is fun:

SMAR7 Bundle’s Gamification makes spending more money on the Shopify store fun and more appealing. This works through the software helping to increase the amount of money their client’s customers spend while also increasing their likelihood to return & spend more, and just spread the word about the store.

Watch the Software in Action


Details and Products of Available Packages:

Front-End Offer: There are two Front End Offers which interested clients of SMAR7 can choose from, both of which guarantees a 50% Commission to its clients. Users could either avail of a license which is good for only one store, a SMAR7 Bundle for 1 Shopify Store, with the payment at a one-time transaction, already guaranteeing a lifetime access. Also, for more experienced online marketers, they can also avail of a package which is good enough for as many as 5 online Shopify Stores.

OTO: The OTO package guarantees its users a 50% Commission, and this package is a 10-Day Shopify Hurricane. This special package allows the client’s customers to harness the power of SMAR7 Bundle fully in 10 days or less. This also teaches users who avail of it the ins& outs to maximizing the value of every visitor they receive. Also, it will even help them get started in eCommerce if they’re completely new, and what’s even greater is that users who avail of this expansion package could expect as high as 50, and even up to 70% conversions on this OTO. Having said all this, the 10-Day Shopify Hurricane is most definitely a must have for every single SMAR7 Bundle.

Additional Thoughts on SMAR7 Bundle:

Sales are practically everything in a business. Without it, the business would simply die a natural death. The greatest thing about SMAR7 Bundle is that not only does this prevent business bankruptcy, it also increases the inflow of cash from sales to any business effectively. What’s even greater about this app is that it has the ability to reach out to a wider scope of people, due to the fact that it is fully compatible and operational on mobile. This Software bundle is the best thing that has ever happened in the world of online marketing and Shopify.